Product can be rejected by buyers and EU custom authorities in case they have undeclared, unauthorised or too high limits of extraneous materials. There is specific legislation for additives (e.g. colours, thickeners) and flavourings that list what E-numbers and substances are allowed to be used. In case you want to add vitamins you will have to know which vitamins (see Annex I) and sources, vitamin formulations and mineral substances are allowed (see Annex II).


Product specific legislation regarding composition applies to fruit juices and fruit jams, jellies, marmalade and sweetened chestnut pureé. The Directives indicate which raw materials and additives may be used.


• Refer to Buyer Requirement module on natural colour, thickeners and flavours for more information.
• E-numbers indicate approval by the EU. To obtain an E-number the additive must have been fully evaluated for safety by the competent food safety authorities in the EU (EFCH). For an overview of E-numbers refer to the Annex of Regulation 1333/2008 (see under Consolidated versions).

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