Processed fruit, and specially processed marula, is a sector that the BITC has identified as a potential export to the EU. In these pages you will learn the key issues on how to export processed fruit to the EU.

This section provides a summary on the main norms and standards to export any processed fruit to the EU. In sum, what you must think about is food safety and informing consumers correctly.

There are important food safety issues that have to be addressed when exporting to the EU. Specifically adhering to food contamination requirements is crucial. For all food products health control procedures are relevant and should be followed strictly. In addition, legislation regarding composition is in place for fruit juices and fruit jams, jellies, marmalade and sweetened chestnut pureé as well as products that contain additives, flavorings and vitamins. Suppliers of pre-packed products need to be aware of labelling requirements.

To export processed fruit to the EU, you must fulfill the following norms:
• Traceability, hygiene and control
• Avoid contaminationl
• Product composition
• Food labelling
• Food packaging

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