Why Invest in Tshwane

The City of Tshwane is a favoured location for multinational companies investing in South Africa. It has been the destination of choice for a majority of investments in the automotive and components sectors

I Want To Invest In

Agriculture and Agro-processing

The well-developed infrastructure and services within the City, coupled with drivers such as climate change and urbanisation, and the availability of water, irrigation technology, soil conditions and geology that are clustered around existing and artificial hydro ponds and dams, and the need of producing crops and raising livestock on less land present opportune conditions for developing agriculture and agroprocessing in the City.

Aerospace and Defence Technologies

Tshwane is the key node in aerospace and defence-related technology development in South Africa. The foundation of the aerospace cluster is the Department of Defence and Air Force headquarters yet the cluster itself comprises of numerous small and large companies both public and privately owned. This represents the largest concentration of knowledge, expertise and manufacturing capacity in this field in the country.

Automotive & Components Industry

The automotive industry is one of the important sectors for South Africa and accounts for 30.1% and 6.9% of the country’s manufacturing output and GDP respectively. The country has presence from at least 7 vehicle manufactures (BMW, Nissan, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, VW, Daimler), 9 medium and heavy vehicle manufacturers (including Tata, Iveco in Tshwane) and over 300 Tier 1 to Tier 3 suppliers.

Business Process Outsourcing And Offshoring

Business process outsourcing and off-shoring (BPO&O) is a key growth industry globally amongst English-speaking countries, with South Africa positioned well to capitalise further on the BPO&O market as it is located almost in the same time zone as the UK. About two thirds of all call centres in South Africa are in Gauteng province. As the administrative as well as academic capital, the City’s knowledge and information industry.

Green Economy

In line with Tshwane looking to become a leading low-carbon economy by 2030, there are opportunities particularly in sectors including power/electricity generation, such as the move away from coal-fired electricity generation to renewables including solar and wind technologies, as well as green component manufacturing opportunities, related downstream services and generally speaking more greener production and transport practises, green agriculture and waste management opportunities.

Mining & Beneficiation

Although mining and related sectors play a small role in terms of contribution to City GDP, opportunities exist in downstream beneficiation in the industry, as well as support services to mining companies and operations in adjacent regions. The City is an ideal location for jewellery manufacturers, given its central position with respect to deposits of the Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), gold and diamonds, mined in North West, Limpopo and other parts of Gauteng.

Tourism And Related Services

As the diplomatic capital of South Africa, with a rich heritage, favourable location and cultural diversity, the City of Tshwane is a major tourist destination in South Africa, attracting business, leisure as well as shopping, medical and sports tourism. The City also has and is further developing a range of major conference facilities and hotels that can accommodate a wide range and variety of conferencing needs in a business or nature set-up.

Tshwane Freight Terminal & Logistics Hub

The Tshwane Freight Terminal and Logistics Hub project involves the establishment of an intermodal inland freight terminal that will have rail siding to link Pyramid South Transnet Freight Rail.The trains will be operated by Transnet Freight Rail and the Intermodal Freight location is in northern Tshwane linked to the current TFR’s Pyramid South Rail facilities including National Rail Network servicing SADC.