When you export under EPA or MAR and want to pay zero-duty, you need a certificate of origin proving that your product complies with the EU’s rules of origin. This is one of the options below:

An Invoice Declaration
If your consignments is valued 71,744 pulas or less, or you are an approved exporters (for consignments of any value) you just need an invoice declaration – issued by you,
To make an invoice declaration, you should type, stamp or print the following declaration (in the appropriate language) on the invoice, delivery note or other commercial document: ” The exporter of the products covered by this document (customs authorisation No … ) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of … preferential origin”.
You can find the different language versions together with explanatory notes in the second page of the invoice declaration. If your write the declaration by hand, you must do so in ink using printed characters.

You must sign your invoice declaration by hand.

When filling in an invoice declaration, you should be prepared to submit documents proving the originating status of your products, and fulfil the other requirements of the Protocol on Rules of Origin

Approved Exporter
If you are a frequent exporter, you can register as “authorised exporter” by your customs authority. Then, you can use invoice declarations in place of an EUR1 regardless of value. These are declarations on the commercial paperwork raised by the business from which you’re importing the goods – they do not need to be stamped by customs in the EU.
To become an approved exporter, you must be able to satisfy your customs authorities that you are able to prove the originating status of your products, as well as any other requirements they may impose. The customs authorities can withdraw your approved exporter status if you abuse it in any way. To find out more about the procedures, contact BURS.
If you are an approved exporter, you are exempt from signing the invoice declaration by hand provided you give your customs authorities a written undertaking that you accept full responsibility for any invoice declaration identifying you.

Form EUR1
If your consignments is valued more than 71,744 pulas you will need to fill in an EPA EUR.1. It is issued by BURS. You will need to submit documents proving the origin of your products and that they fulfil the EU Rules of Origin.



Source: (https://ec.europa.eu/trade/)