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Terms and Conditions
Tshwane Youth Entrepreneur Drive is an initiative of the Tshwane Economic Development Agency (TEDA). TEDA is a municipal entity mandated to facilitate economic development in the City of Tshwane. As one of the programmes or intervention to promote youth participation in business, TEDA has initiated the Tshwane Youth Entrepreneur Drive (TYED). The model of TYED is based on calling for proposals or businesses from potential youth entrepreneurs which will culminate in the panel interview of shortlisted companies or Youth. The businesses should be at an idea or demo phase with a potential for commercialization and social impact. If the proposal is for an innovative idea, the Intellectual Property should belong to you and you should be able to supply proof of ownership on request. Should you have an innovative business and are in need of assistance with securing intellectual property; TEDA will refer you to the relevant institutions that can assist you in this regard. The applicant must be between the ages of 18 – 35 willing to set up business in the City of Tshwane. All the information sent through for the entry should be valid: Name, contact details paragraph, description of the business, photos, and invention description. The adjudicating panel’s decision is final. TEDA cannot be held accountable if IP is taken by another party and was not protected by the inventor themselves. Participating in the Tshwane Youth Entrepreneur Drive will result in the posting of your business on the official TEDA digital and social media platforms. TEDA reserves the right to use the images entered for promotional and marketing purposes. TEDA and its partners on this initiative reserves the right at their discretion, not to accept or disqualify proposals at any stage should it transpire that such proposals have been made by illegitimate, dubious, and/or unqualified participants. They also reserve the right to change these terms and conditions as they deem fit. TEDA, its partners and judges will not utilize any of the participants’ business without their consent.
I hereby agree that I am participating in the Tshwane Youth Entrepreneur Drive freely and willingly. I further understand that I hereby agree the information contained in my submission is not confidential and if it is, I have taken the necessary steps to protect it. I am the rightful proprietor of any intellectual property underlying the business if any, and that I am entitled to disclose the business to the public.
Consent for information sharing
You may give consent to TEDA distribute your details. The details of your business and your contact details will be distributed to our business and investor network contacts. Or on request be sent to media to publicize the initiative. Future follow-ups and success stories will be done on your business.